Membership Packages

Annual Membership Packages
  1. Maker Basic Membership is for people that are new to tinkering and creating projects.
  2. Maker Pro Membership is for people that want time on the CNC machines for personal projects.
  3. Commercial Membership required for any person or organization that sells or makes revenue from the product sales or services made or performed at Fablab Tacoma.
All memberships packages are annual membeships and upon signing you agree to a 1 year membership . Single Month Memberships are available for $125 per month and it includes all the perks of the Maker Basic Membership w/ 2 hours of CNC Shopbot Router and/or Epilog Laser Printers. Addtional hours are $60 per hour and BOT Training is required before using any of the equipment.
Features Maker Basic Maker Pro Commercial Maker
COST $25 Setup Fee; $75 per month $25 setup fee; $175 per month $25 Setup Fee; $249 per month
Included time on CNC Shopbot Router, Epilog Laser (Training Classes Req) Purchase separately 4 hours per month 6 hours per month
Metal Shop, Mig Welder, Plasma Torch, Sawas, Grinders, & Hand tools (Training Classes Req) Purchase Separately X X
Woodshop and Pwer Saws and Sanders Access (BOS Class Req)> X X X
3D Printer Access (Materials not Included, prices listed below) X X X
Electronics Bench and Equipment Access X X X
Design work stations w/ Professional 3D and 2D Cad Software X X X
Software, Equipment Resources,Tutorials and Equipment Operation Guides X X X
15% Members-only discounts on Workshops and Classes X X X
Basic Equipment Operation Class required prior to operating any of our machines: Woodshop, Power Saws, Sanders, 3D Printer(s), Electronics Equipment. $25 one time fee per class per machine $25 one time fee per class per machine $25 one time fee per class per machine
Reserve time on laser cutter, 3D Printer(s), CNC Router X X X

Machine Hourly Rates Member Rates NonMember Rates
Epilog Laser Cutter $60 $120
ShopBot CNC Router $60 $120
Material Cost Member Rates NonMember Rates
MakerBot - PLA 0.25/gram 0.50/gram
FormLab - Resin $1/millimeter $3/millimeter
MarkFore - Carbon Fiber 15% Discount Off Market Price Market Price

Renewal/Changing Membership:

  • Members can renew their membership from the membership renewal notice they received by email, or through the website.
  • The Renew button does not appear if the member's status is Pending - Renewal. This status means that a renewal invoice has been automatically generated by the system or manually generated by the administrator, or that the member has already started the renewal but has not completed the payment.
  • If a member's current membership level allows level changes, an option will appear within their member profile to change their membership level. 
  • The option to change membership level is not available if the membership status is pending, or if the member has an active recurring payment profile.
  • For information on changing levels to or from a level with recurring payments, or any other questions about renewal or changing membership levels, please email Gaby at

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Important Notes: Please do sign up online, we cannot sign up anyone as we do not know any of your personal information. What we can help with is making payment for your membership! Options for making payments are online, phone, or in person. Thank you!

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