Local Artist brings Old-world Craftsmanship to High-tech Fabrication

01 Dec 2012 6:03 PM | Anonymous
Local Artist brings Old-world Craftsmanship to High-tech Fabrication

Tacoma, WA, December 1, 2012 - Local leatherworker and artist, Tamara Clammer, will offer a mask-making class utilizing the laser cutter/engraver at Fablab Tacoma in preparation for First Night.

Tamara Clammer is a self-taught leatherworker who creates and sells high-quality masquerade masks. She often collaborates with local artists and the burgeoning “Do it Yourself” or “Maker” community. Tamara shared: “I facilitate collaboration when possible, and seek additional resources that may be useful or interesting.”

Tamara learned about FabLab Tacoma, the new community workshop, in an article from the local paper. “When I came to Fablab Tacoma and saw the laser cutter, I instantly knew that it would be an amazing tool. I used to use an X-acto knife and beeswax to cut out prototypes of my masks. I realized that utilizing the laser cutter could save me time and frustration, and allow me to do some engraving on my pieces that I never could have done before.”

Tamara worked with Steve Tibbitts, a FabLab Tacoma owner, on her first laser cut mask project. “First we created a template out of construction paper- kind of like making snowflakes back in elementary,” said Tamara. She then fit the paper mask to her face to mark where the eye holes would go.

Next, Steve scanned the paper mask into a graphics editing program allowing her to create a digital image of the mask. “It’s really a neat process,” said Steve Tibbitts, “we can scan in drawings, digitize them, edit them, and then send them to the laser to engrave them on almost anything.”

The file was quickly sent to the laser cutter to be cut. “We wanted to make a prototype out of cardboard first, just to make sure everything was lined up right, and the filigree was engraving to the right spot and depth.” said said Tamara.

Tamara will be offering a leather mask making workshop at FabLab Tacoma in preparation for First Night, an annual New Years festival in many cities around the world including Tacoma. The class will be offered at FabLab Tacoma on December 15th from 1-5 PM. Tickets can be found by visiting FabLabTacoma.com.

About Tamara Clammer
Tamara is a Doer in the Maker industry at Brown Paper Tickets, and a self-taught leatherworker, specializing in high quality masquerade style masks. She is an avid artist who enjoys teaching workshops, and collaborating with other artists.

About FabLab Tacoma
Fablab Tacoma is a membership-based, do-it-yourself workshop and fabrication studio providing access to a vibrant community of highly creative people and a multitude of high quality machines, tools and software. FabLab offers meet-ups, classes, workshops and instruction for people of all ages and skill levels.

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