2018 Fablab Summer Camps

We provide a series of hands on project base camps for youth to visualize and engineer their ideas. We support STEAM based learning through these camps and provide practical skills that can be implemented in rapidly developing technology industries. *A number of need based scholarships available for selected camps! For more info on how to get a scholarship for your camper, please email Gaby at gaby@fablab.com.*

Python Programming Camp

Learn to create your own computer programs using the powerful Python programming language. This camp covers the basics of writing code and thinking like a programmer, and you will do several interesting projects. If you’ve wondered about what goes on inside your computer or wanted to dive into “real” programming, this is for you! You will be working with the latest version of Python 3 and writing your code in the IDLE programming environment. 

June 25 - 29 | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm| Ages 10+ | Cost $250 | REGISTER HERE

Raspberry Pi Bake-Off

Coding, building circuits, prototyping ideas, and learning electronics are all included in our Raspberry Pi Bake-Off Camp. This camp is designed for beginners and "experts." Campers will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of coding through creating interactive projects. Python and scratch will be languages campers will utilize to write commands for the GPIO ( hardware control platform).  Campers will leave with Raspberry Pi 3, Power source, Micro SD card, Bread board, LED's, and an interactive electronic project built on the Pi. 

June 25 - 29 | 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm| Ages 10 - 15 | Cost $250 + $90 lab fee | REGISTER HERE

Inventor Camp

Kickstarters have lead the way for anybody with a clever idea to crowd source funding to launch their prototypes. Inventor camp is a great way for youth to get involved with modern fabrication and design. Campers will be presented two design challenges as a means to learn vector and 3D design. Campers will then prototype their own ideas utilizing CNC design and arduinos. These mini projects will embrace laser cutting/etching, 3D printing, electronics, and soldering. The last day and half they will have an opportunity to prototype an idea.

 July 16 - 20 | 9:00 am - 12 pm | Ages 9-15 |Cost $250 + $30 lab fee  | REGISTER HERE

Zero-sum Game Design in Unity

Unity is a professional software for building interactive environments for game, virtual reality, and much more. This camp is designed for campers with no experience in coding or design, to launch into the world of game design. Campers will design 3D environments in Sketchup, and then bring them into Unity to build objectives and rules for the their games. We will 3D print the a small sketchup model for campers at the end of the week. On the last day, we invite friend and family in to play the prototyped games.

July 16 - 20 | 1 pm - 4 pm | Ages 12 - 16 | Cost $250 | REGISTER HERE

All Things Animated

This camp explores the world of animation through various means of creation. Campers will collaborate to write a series of short stories and create several animations. This camp includes stop-motion animation, claymation, 3D modeling, 3D printing, and 3D animation. Campers will learn how to draw storyboards, create stop motion videos, 3D model characters, and 3D Print their characters. They will edit all of there short clips into a multimedia short film. At the end of the class they will take home their videos and a 3D printed character they have designed.

July 23 - 27 | 1pm - 4pm | Ages 8 - 12 | Cost $250 + $50 Lab Fee | REGISTER HERE

The Producer: Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality production is emerging in Western Washington, and FabLab is excited to offer a camp that allows campers to explore the world of VR production. In this camp students will learn how to photograph an film in 360. They will also learn 3D modeling in Sketchup, and how to move their models into VR. FabLab has an HTC Vive on sight were campers will create unique drawing using hand controllers that can be saved in 3D format to view later. On the final day campers will build their own VR Cardboard viewer, and we will have screening of projects for friends and family.

July 30 - August 3 |1pm - 4pm |  Ages 8 - 14 | Cost $250 + $40 Lab Fee |  REGISTER HERE

It is possible that the Fablab may have camps at other locations! If you are a community interested in the Fablab facilitating a camp at your location, please contact Gaby Orozco: gaby@fablab.com. These are some communities we have had summers camps last year:


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